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I like social media toys that allow me to stay organized. I’ve tried quite a number of them and could create more blog posts just on the tools. But the latest, Sprout Social, is aesthetically pleasing, and is very easy to use.

Sprout Social enables ecommerce merchants to oversee multiple social profiles, which it refers to as “identities.” An identity consists of at least one Twitter account and can also include Facebook Profiles, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn Profiles and others.

I’m especially impressed with the Dashboard, as it includes:

  • Measurement of engagement and influence, represented by a bar graph and numerical value.
  • Demographic data on Facebook fans and Twitter followers.
  • Social “scoreboard” listing numbers of new followers, mentions, message volume and engagement.
  • List of recent followers.
  • Recent messages.
  • Number of clicks on links.
  • Graph containing Twitter statistics

So, guess what? You get to try it too and for free for 30 days. Let me know your thoughts after you’ve been trying it a few days:


The P Word

Type great introduction sentence here… Or, just hop right in to it and get to the point of this blog:

There are so many social mediums that we have graced with our presence during times that we should be working, cooking, having a serious conversation, and other checklist items of life that I decided it was past time to take a serious look at each one of them. This means that I will have lots to share because there are that many social networks. According to Wikipedia there are thousands and the list is growing.

In my synopsis I am not just talking the talking, but walking the walk. I will have an account with said social medium and will have explored the pros and cons for businesses and individuals who wonder: Why the hell do I want to add yet another item to my list of things to check on the computer?  Continue reading

Hello world!

I’m thrilled to be offering my overview of the many social networks on the internet and via mobile apps. Here I will explore them all. How do you currently manage all of your social media networks? I found that the program with Sprout Social is beneficial and they have agreed to give away a 30 day free trial so click below to get started: Sign up for a free 30 day trial of Sprout Social