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There are so many social mediums that we have graced with our presence during times that we should be working, cooking, having a serious conversation, and other checklist items of life that I decided it was past time to take a serious look at each one of them. This means that I will have lots to share because there are that many social networks. According to Wikipedia there are thousands and the list is growing.

In my synopsis I am not just talking the talking, but walking the walk. I will have an account with said social medium and will have explored the pros and cons for businesses and individuals who wonder: Why the hell do I want to add yet another item to my list of things to check on the computer?  or, Will this bring more visibility to my business/brand/image?

Today’s lesson, kiddies, is all about the Pinterest craze! Pinterest is an image based social network created by Evan Sharpe. Sharpe’s idea was to create a place to collect things. With his interest in architecture he had quite the collection. Since those dreams in 2010 the website has been featured as a great resource for inspiration. Mostly women have taken hold of it and turned it in to a vision mapping daydream about fashion, quotes, girl power, and travel.

Pinterest Screenshot

One of the features of Pinterest happens when something is pinned directly from a website. When someone clicks on the image inside Pinterest– it is hot linked directly to the original site and this does not change even when the image has been re-pinned.

Once you have received your invitation from a friend (Post below in the comments or send me a note and I’ll send you a request.) or requested one from the site you can create your account and then log in with your Facebook or Twitter account too. I have my Twitter account connected to this site so that when I do see a cool quote I can simply tweet about it and the flow continues with the rest of the twitterverse’s conversations.

You can add things to your boards  in 3 ways:

  1. You can browse the millions of things already found on others boards and re-pin it to your board.
  2. You can use a toolbar app to pin things you find on the internet.
  3. You can upload images from your computer to your boards.

The up side for businesses is that this is a great way to engage with your audience and gain new ones by adding pictures related to your business. In particular those on Etsy seem to be taking advantage of this marketing tool, but there are also shoes, houses, motorcycles, and more that are experimenting with the new way to market. For those who join the business ranks and venture in to the pinterverse it will be experimental as the site is still in its infancy. Points of business interest:

  • Brand EngagementPinterest is a social tool that encourages sharing and following, and builds communities around subjects of interest to it’s users. Pinterest can be used to create boards that are relevant to the brand or business, and to pin items that followers will find interesting and hopefully share with other users – all tracking back to your original board, and in turn growing the community around your brand.
  • Real Time Trend Tracking Pinterest is a free tool inspired by those whom are pinning. Any business with products can search Pinterest to find out how their products are being presented and those which are popular.
  • Content Creation / Content Aggregation – As I’ve said, this is a great site for inspiration. Inspiration goes beyond decorating cupcakes and the wet room. Businesses can find inspiration for their marketing, advertising, web & graphic design, as well as other topics.
  • Search Engine Benefits – This is a powerful SEO builder because of the links that are connected to the images. Every time your picture is pinned your link is shown in the search results. For those who are delving in to marketing with Pinterest you can add a Pin It button to your website. This way when someone comes to your site they can use that button to automatically pin your picture on their board and the social media journey continues haven started from your site.

It is true that the site is mostly used by women at 80%! The demographics for the women is ages 25-34 at 34%, 35-44 at 25%, 18-24 at 17%, and 45-54 at 16%.

Want to know more about how Pinterest can better serve you as an individual or a business? Email me or just jump right in and start pinning.