Turntable.fm made its way in to the social media scene in a very Ocean’s Eleven, stealth-like manner. Once articles appeared on websites such as Mashable many people flocked to the invitation only website. This intrigued music heads of all kinds and those of us who want to know what makes them think they are so special as to not open the site without an invitation.

Groups of people can enjoy music played by DJ’s. Sounds familiar and very much like real life, right? Yes, but Turntable brought it to the digital world – a social music platform. Here you can peruse different rooms which play all types of music from dubstep to hip-hop, indie artists, blues, and more and share with your friends.

When I joined I stayed in the Soul Bounce room and grooved in to the late night. Actually, the SoulBounce room is where I met @UncleShecky, a.k.a. DJ Apple Jac, based in Decatur, Georgia. We virtual danced a few times and moved the relationship from the Turntable room to other social medium and have met a few times in person in Atlanta, Georgia. {Check out the link – Little 5 Points is a cool area to hang out.}

This real life example is a good one to relate to the Turntable experience: we bonded by music. Additionally, Turntable boasts that the music is played by humans and not determined by algorithms. I personally like that. Just because I’m in the mood to listen to Whitney Houston’s first songs from the early 90s doesn’t mean that I want to hear what music she made in the 2000s. Having a live DJ helps the musical mood.

The attendees of the room can rate the DJ with a meter where you can click “Awesome” or “Lame.” If enough people in the room click on Lame the song is skipped. I’ve seen DJ’s snagged from their position as per the room moderator’s discretion.

The DJ can upload his/her own music or use the music that is already available. You may also add that DJ’s music to your own personal queue. And if you are becoming a fan of that DJ you can click on the button to Become A Fan and you’ll receive emails when that DJ is being featured in a room.

What an awesome tool for DJ’s and DJ wannabe’s to practice. As a DJ one could test her skills in order to see if she can keep a room flowing or try out some new music to see the reaction to new music. DJ’s can. These points and fans represent social status and serve as a leader board. Even as a new user, these points of recognition help existing users stay invested in their accomplishments.

DJs can measure the reaction of the crowd according to the visitors/Avatars. If the crowd likes the music the Avatars are swaying to the music if the listener rates the song as Awesome on the meter. Again, the Become A Fan button will reveal if you are liked and have a following.

I never intend on becoming a DJ. I only intend on basking in the talents of the musical conductors of the site. Because I don’t want to become a DJ I will not gather points. These would allow me to unlock other cool looking Avatars from a little girl (or is that a boy?) to a gold chained gorilla.

I also must add that the SoulBounce room I entered was lead by an online magazine, Soul Bounce, of which they promote soul music b.k.a. good marketing opportunity.

As I mentioned, myself and @UncleShecky virtual danced. We were able to communicate via the chat feature that is in each room. Via the chat feature we all chatted about the music playing, reminisced about past concerts, and shared information on upcoming concerts. As long as its not spamming room attendees could share information on their own sites or music. (Hint, hint.)

Social media allows us to open our worlds to so many and so much. How are you becoming creative in your social media marketing?