When I see the word sustainability I think about being self sufficient complete with growing my own food, being off the grid, and at one with Mother Nature. There is that part of me that would feel at home with the simple life. Imagine my inner green nerd excitement when I came across Wiser Earth, or W.E.

Wiser Earth is a community of 68,368 people around the world who are connecting, collaborating, and sharing knowledge. The mission states that it is a “community devoted to the people and organizations around the world working toward environmental sustainability, indigenous rights, and social justice.”

The website is action packed with a job board to include a list of employment and volunteer opportunities that are related to being green. Also, event listings for plant swaps (love those!), workshops, and other activities. There are also groups that you can create and join for your cause.

Here’s a video on more about the website:

Wiser Earth

Make good use of your Earth Day and get outside! (Then post to your favorite social network.)