For those of us tired of the Good Ol’ Boy Network and wanting to build a better sisterhood of business and personal activities, this is a good network to join. I like how Melissa Pierce put it: if you can’t join them at the table, build a bigger table. So, the table building continues with Project Eve.

“Project Eve is a social media platform that encourages female entrepreneurs and business owners to communicate, collaborate and share actionable solutions minus the sharp elbows.”

At one point I did not think this was a necessary thing. We’re a nation of people who have overcome such petty issues, right? #Wrong. I have been a witness to behavior very becoming of this exact “professional” environment and it was lead by men. Never did I think that once I saw the t.v. show, Mad Men, that individuals walking among us in this Matrix of life, actually think they are remaking these episodes themselves.

Once I realized this I missed doing business with ladies and wanted to belong to a Good Ol’ Girls Network, but certainly did not have the time to create one myself. So, when I saw Project Eve on Twitter, I signed up immediately.

In this social network I have already connected with many like minded women. I like the Quora-like feel to one part of the site where you can post questions and others can respond. It is affectionately entitled Help An Eve Out. Here, women can give their opinion and expertise in helping others.

There is also a section for groups, events, news/resources, and, of course, an area to peruse the members. There is also a chat feature much akin to Facebook, but you don’t have to befriend people first; however, befriending people can be done.

The site encourages conversation – something all of us women enjoy and love. For the men who do know how to play well with others, you’re invited too.

This is a good place to be as Project Eve is just gaining its wings and is new to the social networking scene. If you have a product with demographics for women this is a good place to start. The owners are bootstrapping the site, so this would be an opportune time to get in with your products to offer freebies and perks for members.

Additionally, if you are a woman who is looking to nurture and be nurtured in your beginning steps of entrepreneurship this is the place. Here you won’t have to worry about harsh judgement and you will be cocooned in to a circle of women who care. I’ve already met several Mary Kay agents, business consultants, and fitness trainers.

If you’re a female it is your girly duty to spread the word now about this social networking site right after you’ve signed up for your account.

See ya there!