I won’t get in to the political banter and mudslinging, but I am tired of being subjected to the sameness that is politics. I’m sure you are too. We’ve been subjected to the business as usual style of politics for a long time, but with the onset of the social media world it sure makes clicking Like/Following/Retweeting/Sharing/lol’ing more fun and interesting.

Truthfully, I signed up for Votizen, but was skeptical thinking it may be driven by one of the political parties – beware the ides of astroturfing in these social media driven times of political power struggles. But seriously, I did think this and who wouldn’t be apprehensive? We live in a time where the thought is that someone is spying on us and why should this be any different?

The social site allows the citizen to leverage her own networks to self-organize in voting blocks and advance her causes and interests, which redefines the political system and places the voter at the center instead of the politician.

When you sign up for Votizen you include your social network of which connects you with your area’s upcoming elections as well as your friends or followers whom may share the same political views. This is not only for the upcoming Obama/Romney showdown, but also for State Legislatures, school boards, and other local governments, depending on by how many friends you know in a certain district.

Votizen is a web service that allows you to discover how your friends on social networks are registered to vote, and campaign with them to elect candidates that share your values.Voters can connect to their own records to see their voting registration and history, as well as use it to prove their power to those that hold and seek office.

As a past community organizer this is a great tool to use via social media because then you can harness political cheerleaders to assist in the political campaigns and do social media outreach. This only further encourages people to only take political action behind a keyboard, but if coupled with face to face rallies and physical action this tool can be a good motivator and reminder to participants. Certainly this appeals to the new and emerging computer community organizer and those who want to feel that they are participating by reacting to this medium.

For campaigns and those running for office, Votizen offers a low-cost application that lives on your Facebook page and finds voters that live in your district. This gives the person’s  fans and volunteers a simple way to campaign on their behalf.

After this election this website may not be as happening as it is right now. The trail is hot as Obama and Romney hit us with binders. I think the people who will visit the page will be organizers and local politicians, but the new start up has stated they may evolve and change from their original plan for the site. What’s your take?