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Social Hotspot

Traveling will leave you to the fun times of not having to hunt for reliable internet service. I look forward to the days when this new social network of creating 4G hotspots is available internationally. The company will have to create some partnerships in order to extend it’s national reach. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the usage and the cool way of connecting with other Starbucks’ and Panera Bread internet users. (You know plenty of us sit there for hours nursing that pastry or beverage.)

Introducing the Karma 4G, WiFi Hotspot. This pocket sized connector has eight hours of battery from a single charge and works just as fast. Once the device is received, create a Karma account (sign in via Facebook) and immediately you will be given 100MB of free bandwidth. If you go over that limit, pay $14 for each additional GB of data I use.

No, it’s not unlimited, but it’s competitive with other mobile plans. If you don’t use that much, you pay less, and if you happen to go over that 5GB, you don’t have to deal with overage charges, which is grand.

Head to your local Panera Bread or Starbucks or other cool hip place that you sit and surf and Karma’s open WiFi network is bound to find some poachers. If those thieves sign up for Karma via Facebook, they too get 100MB free (as do you too) attached to their Facebook ID. Even if they don’t have their own Hotspot, they still get free access to WiFi, and since, as the admin, you can see the incoming WiFi connections and their Facebook profile. Very cool to connect with that person sitting across from you who might be a good business connection or even another person to click Like on your page.

Pocket sized and connecting with others around you – I like this! What do you think about Karma? Do you really want to connect like this with the people around you?