The internet was hot yesterday with people stating they would delete their Instagram accounts. Today Instagram has said it will remove language from its new terms of service that would have allowed users’ photos to be part of advertisements that would run within the photo sharing social network. Image

Kevin Systrom, the social network’s co-founder, said Instagram doesn’t currently have plans to run such ads, so it will remove that language from the terms of service that kick in Jan. 16.

I’ve been seeing that some say they retracted the policy because of social media, but most big social networks and companies do not simply just do things and not think them through. It would not be a surprise if this were a part of the marketing ploy to gain even more users and for you and I to feel comfortable and begin taking even more pictures. 

But if this was Instagram listening, then the power of social media is powerful. The quickness of which the policy was retracted was quick. Perhaps they did see how many were leaving them within hours yesterday. 

Although Systrom’s announcement should come as good news to any concerned Instagram users, the social network will still have to update its terms of service to reflect the changes Systrom announced Tuesday.

For now, the terms of service still contain the wording used this week that upset many users. More to come on when the terms will change. 


Meanwhile, were you one who decided to leave Instagram and deleted your account? Will you be going back to start Instagramming again?