defriended Dear Facebook Friend,

I am defriending you today. I know we’ve been friends for at least 3 months now, but it is time for us to go our separate ways.

A few weeks ago I had over 3700 Facebook friends. You are currently not making the next set of cuts – it’s not you, it’s me. During this time in my life I realize that I need more from my Facebook companions. The occasional Like or comment is welcomed, but I’ve noticed that  you having absolutely no viral contact with me and that is not acceptable. How will I know you are paying attention to my travel adventures or what I ate for lunch, if you don’t interact with the post and leave a virtual trail?

Did you not like it when I clicked Like to a group that someone else invited me to instead of yours? You know, don’t answer that. It’s all in the past. Like I said, at this juncture in my life I simply require more. I know you will continue on with your Facebook days as will I. We will go on to post more pictures of our children and our inner most thoughts about life and living, however, we will only do it without each other being able to click through to learn more about it.

Further, I am reevaluating my social net worth. If I can’t get you to Like what I’m posting after 3 or 4 months then maybe what I post is not relevant enough to you; so, essentially I am firing myself from updating you about my life. Pardon me. I am going to try harder – in your absence. facebook_letterhead_design_by_behruz-d5qubeg Thus far I have narrowed the 3500 to about 2000 as of today. It would be less, but I am

still a popular gal and I’ve added more that I’ve met along the way in the last few weeks. And still I have about 105 more people who I will not add because

I am not interested in another party promoter inviting me to all his parties in another part of the country that I am not visiting soon and won’t make the trip just for his party.

*May 18 - 00:05*

…receiving invitations to Like pages that people create and their personal posts are boring, so why would I follow a page which will be equal in the snooze-ville department?


and for those who think or believe that because we have 300 or even 4 mutual friends in common that we should also connect.


Trust that I am not complete with unfriending. I have more people who...

  • Complain too much.
  • Are too silent and seem to only come on to lurk others’ posts – Perhaps that’s what you have been doing. If it is, stop it. This is SOCIAL media after all.
  • When I reach out via chat and start a conversation they are boring as hell. They are not doing anything new.
  • Are at work, but are on Facebook and type back in the chat they are at work. Mind you, they are not in the marketing field, such as myself, these people have been nurses, in the real estate industry, or in other fields.
  • Ask for advice incessantly with no plans to include SocialMediumSphere in their future marketing plans – believe me, I know because it’s been over a year (in many cases, 2-3 years) and I do take mental notes of it. It’s one thing to make referrals and another to pump for information where you are intentionally being a user.
  • High school and elementary “friends” – we did not get along then, so why would we now? I literally just had a cyber fight with an old high school mate where she reminded me of how she was in high school: bi-polar much. Gladly, we are no longer associated on Facebook. Or, the other type of ex-classmate where we knew each other, but not really and still today you are not interacting, so…what’s the point again?

Again, this is all on me and my reasoning as to why we cannot remain Friends in Facebook-land. I think I’m not in a place to where I can appreciate the aforementioned classes of people. I’m going to meditate and then I’m going to work on me and be sure that I am Facebook friend-worthy material so that someone does not send me this same letter.

Happy posting!