SocialMediumSphere is a blog about social media and will feature social media networks while highlighting the benefits to individuals and businesses. There are several social networks which can highlight your business or brand and your brand is not limited to one part of the world. There are social networks all over in several languages and cultures.

Is your business or brand in need of social media consultation or delivery? We can assist.  Leave us a note along with your website and we will research the best places for your business to be seen and heard, with results. We have a delivery guarantee – if we do not deliver the desired social media goals, we refund your money.

We currently work with clients in the tourism, travel, fashion, dating, beauty, and employee training fields. We have worked with brands in fashion in Ghana and New York, the Lonely Planet book series, start ups such  as SliceBiz in Ghana, and eco-clients such as DesignLawn.


We are pleased to have on board a team of graphic designers and web developers to bring your brand to life along with a fresh and appealing look. You may choose a full campaign or a la carte services.

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