We are all preparing for the end of Google Reader and frantically learning about how we can change all of our online reading over to another network. It’s official, and no longer a rumor, that after July 1, 2013, Google Reader will no longer be available.

Although I’ve used Google Reader it is not the only place I’ve read my online material for RSS. I used Google Reader to connect with clients’ related information in order to keep all of their industry updates/information/articles/news in one place. For my non-work side I’ve also used my Yahoo! personal page. Here, I have a LOT of travel related blogs to read.

Google Reader

Here are some directions you can choose to go since Google Reader will be buried soon: 

News Blur – I’m all a fan for fun applications. The applications which make it inviting to want to use include a great layout that is vibrant, easy to find information making it easy to navigate, and a free flowing feel. NewsBlur’s iPhone, iPad, and Android apps will bring you the latest stories on the go. The free accounts are allowed to follow 64 blogs, 10 stories at a time, and public sharing options. When created an account I was asked immediately to enter my credit card info. in order to begin the Premium service. I decided to check my email (can you say easily distracted?) and saw that I did indeed have a free account so I proceeded from the link provided in my email.

Feedly is leaning towards being my favorite as far as suggesting more articles. I am one who does not want to only read my favorite bloggers and articles, but I also want to know about those who are new on the block and may have a different perspective. Call it the creative side of me. 😉 Feedly offers layout choices that let you read the news in the manner you choose—whether it’s straight headlines from top to bottom, full articles, neatly arranged tiles, or pretty images all laid out on a page. You can also share stories with your friends and post them to your favorite social networks. I will not be doing that part as I am not a fan of seeing article after article shared when I visit Facebook. Maybe I will share via Twitter though, so more to come for that aspect.

Netvibes is actually a social aggregation (heart this part) and dashboard service, but it is also a good RSS news reader. Netvibes does not have mobile apps though, so this may be a factor to you when you’re on the go and not sitting at your laptop.

I like Pulse’s tiled approach. It is very Pinterest-esque and also appeals to that side of me that wants to see things that are visually stimulating and inviting.

These are not the only readers available. There are numerous more. Which ones can you recommend or will be using?