I like social media toys that allow me to stay organized. I’ve tried quite a number of them and could create more blog posts just on the tools. But the latest, Sprout Social, is aesthetically pleasing, and is very easy to use.

Sprout Social enables ecommerce merchants to oversee multiple social profiles, which it refers to as “identities.” An identity consists of at least one Twitter account and can also include Facebook Profiles, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn Profiles and others.

I’m especially impressed with the Dashboard, as it includes:

  • Measurement of engagement and influence, represented by a bar graph and numerical value.
  • Demographic data on Facebook fans and Twitter followers.
  • Social “scoreboard” listing numbers of new followers, mentions, message volume and engagement.
  • List of recent followers.
  • Recent messages.
  • Number of clicks on links.
  • Graph containing Twitter statistics

So, guess what? You get to try it too and for free for 30 days. Let me know your thoughts after you’ve been trying it a few days: