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You know that moment when you see something and you say to yourself: “I should have thought of that!” This is that moment. I present to you Social Safe.

Social Safe is a digital diary of what you have posted in your social networks. It serves to save your information (according to the package that you choose) and have it available to you in the earth shattering event that your social media channels are corrupted or no longer available. *Gasp!

For those who just cannot believe that this would ever happen, believe it. Remember, we are not paying for the majority of these social networks, at least not directly, so it is possible for things to happen.

Some of the features include being able to save your status update, profile, comments, and Likes. As well as your own album photos, wall photos, and tagged photos and don’t forget Check Ins. There are a lot more because it is not just centered around Facebook, but many other social networks including the latest craze of Instagram. The packages start currently at $2.99 per year, which is not a bad price to save all of our updates – from drunk tweets to bad pictures. But seriously, for those of us “in the business” it would be important to make sure that our clients’ information is safe and sound.

Since some of us are visual creatures, I found this video of a guy sharing his finds on the website and you know its not complete without the sexy sophistication of an English accent.

Are you getting an account? Do you already have one? Share your thoughts on why you decided to join the Social Safe family.