The word reminds me of a 70’s sitcom, but is where dreamers of travel go to pin and post about where they want to visit and go see. Trippy allows your friends to join in and help you plan where you’re going.

Instead of relying on reviews of places from strangers you then rely upon your friends’ experiences or insight on you to suggest and help formulate your traveling itinerary. If your friends are well traveled then this gives your trip even more meaning as they are the ones who know if you are a vegan, not in to camping, or are a lover of vintage and craft beer.

The fact that this is visual will go a long way in the travel community. Just as we’re finding Pinterest lighting the social media path, Trippy is a niche market that can go far. Pun intended.

Once you create your profile you’re able to begin planning the trip of your dreams. When sites offer to sign you up via a social network its a benefit because then you are not bogged down with having to enter the same information over and over.

What I am finding is that the site is not as oppulent as Pinterest. Additionally, the initial locations seem to be suggested. I didn’t see a place to add countries to the browsing topics. I did, however, see that I can plan my trip to wherever I wanted and there was a place to state that I was dreaming of going to the Serengeti. Once I added the trip my social network was scoured to find those in or from the area and I sent them a message on Facebook to let them know of my plans and asked them to chime in their 2 cents to my experience. Quite nifty.

What a great tool for travel agents, planners, and those in tourism to use. These professionals could suggest and plan travel trips and weigh in on which ones gain more interest from their close networks in order to build trips that cater to ideas and not just brochures and marketing materials that push you on to the roads more traveled.

Additionally, I could see the places that are highlighted being used as marketing tools in order to promote their locations. Perhaps those locations are listed based on the popularity of the site’s members or as per the research of Trippy finding that most want to or have visited these places. But again, what a great way to get lesser known places in front of the Trippy audience.

This is a site that I will keep up with as it just gives the feeling that the site has more to come. Join me as I’m planning a trip to Phuket for the religious holiday of water – super soakers and dousing people with water, my kind of religion. Have you gone before? Let me know your thoughts and let’s connect.

Lastly, some big names are having a Trippy time as they are quoted on the site: from Rachel Zoe, Jason Mraz, Tim Ferris, to Gary Vaynerchuk. The site has also received notable coverage from Mashable, the Fast Company, Bloomberg, and now SocialMediumSphere. Smile.