Get Glue is a name I was excited about. I signed up without exactly knowing what to expect, but since I’ve signed up I have been disappointed. The social network focuses on rating and checking on which television show you’re watching. I am a big fan of reality tv shows (which really isn’t reality, but that’s another post and blog altogether). But GetGlue didn’t have any listed – not even Jersey Shore! *gasp!

I piddled around for a while rating the tv drama shows that I was familiar with and liked and checked in as I watched Will & Grace, but I wasn’t exactly thrilled to want to return to the site to check in.

The advantage seems to only be one sided – which is to the networks of the shows promoted on the social network. The audience can rate, but not communicate with each other and there doesn’t seem to be a way to encourage engagement between the tv show and the viewer or even amongst viewers except to say that we’re watching the same show. Yippee. (And I mean that exclamation in its driest form.)

Are you a user or fan of GetGlue? If so, chime in and let me know your thoughts because to me GetGlue is…stuck.