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Social Business Tools

As I assist many businesses with their social media campaigns I learn and see that their employees are a major asset to their brand and always encourage them to utilize these voices.

A good way to test this theory is by utilizing some social business tools a.k.a. business intranet.

As we become more of an “in the cloud” society relying on digital space rather than office space, there is a way to communicate in a manner of which keeps everything in one place instead of by email, IMs, and Facebook chat.

Are you a part of a business that is a hybrid or your company office space is in the cloud? Yammer to the rescue!

Yammer is a social business network designed to use for private communication within organizations or between organizational members and groups. Once you sign up for the service you can create your profile and then invite others to join you and separate them according to a department or group.

Yammer leads with What are you working on? which triggers the inner hybrid office thoughts to share so that you can all stay abreast of what each is working on and offer information accordingly. Efficiency.

There is a free service as well as paid service starting at $5 per user per month. The layout includes a live stream as well as the ability to upload the mobile app. Additionally, there are also the opportunities to send and receive messages, IMs, the ability to see who is online at the present moment, communities that are separated, the ability to follow people, and more.

Currently I use Yammer and several other tools like it because I assist several organizations with their social media campaigns. Most of the companies I have never met in person. We use these tools to keep in touch with how the social media campaign is fairing and if there are any questions, suggestions, or comments. I’m sure for those with bigger companies, 40+,  this could be very beneficial to keep in touch and up to date on projects as you work throughout the day. You can also customize your company logo to appear to keep uniformity for those in your group.

So imagine, at a conference, you and the company could have side conversations and take notes about the event without tweeting it in to the Twitterverse or sending an email. Instead you are in the moment of the event and able to respond to each other quicker. Another example is when the company is trying to get out projects and do their work. Everyone needs to stay in touch and know how that is looking and utilizing a social intranet can best help.

Another term, social business, was created to describe how companies can generate greater value for their ecosystem by adding a social overlay. The first-generation social business was defined by Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus. The term evolved to a second generation by the Dachis Group to incorporate a social element interconnecting the various business constituents including marketing, R&D, customer support and suppliers. This second-generation meaning of social business is often tied to shared value and can encompass the use of social media tools.

In a social business, ideas and information flow horizontally, vertically, from the bottom and from the top; throughout the business. If you work in an office environment you know all too well the different syndromes that can occur because of how much money a person makes or if they are the favorite of the CEO. In this social business environment you get rid of such protocols and get to the answer of what is good and best for the company to move forward.

Will you be signing on to include your company or group? Are you already using this social network service? Leave me a note and let me know your thoughts.


Benefits to using a social business tool: 

  • Equal sharing of input and ideas
  • Accountability – was Sharon or Dave supposed to get more information and dropped the ball? Then you can better see how to go about facilitating duties and to help co-workers in their jobs; foster collaboration and get the job done in a more efficient manner
  • Tap in to the talents of your employees. There’s something to be said about goofing off and having a little fun with the social business tool. That is oftentimes where the great ideas derive from. It’s not always about doing the same thing, but making it seem like it is different. Your company/brand will be presented as an empty, but nice looking vessel.

What’s a Polyvore?

If you didn’t know the name, then here is a breakdown, and nice infographic from SocialFresh, of the social media website that happened BEFORE Pinterest.


Get Glue is a name I was excited about. I signed up without exactly knowing what to expect, but since I’ve signed up I have been disappointed. The social network focuses on rating and checking on which television show you’re watching. I am a big fan of reality tv shows (which really isn’t reality, but that’s another post and blog altogether). But GetGlue didn’t have any listed – not even Jersey Shore! *gasp!

I piddled around for a while rating the tv drama shows that I was familiar with and liked and checked in as I watched Will & Grace, but I wasn’t exactly thrilled to want to return to the site to check in.

The advantage seems to only be one sided – which is to the networks of the shows promoted on the social network. The audience can rate, but not communicate with each other and there doesn’t seem to be a way to encourage engagement between the tv show and the viewer or even amongst viewers except to say that we’re watching the same show. Yippee. (And I mean that exclamation in its driest form.)

Are you a user or fan of GetGlue? If so, chime in and let me know your thoughts because to me GetGlue is…stuck.

You know that moment when you see something and you say to yourself: “I should have thought of that!” This is that moment. I present to you Social Safe.

Social Safe is a digital diary of what you have posted in your social networks. It serves to save your information (according to the package that you choose) and have it available to you in the earth shattering event that your social media channels are corrupted or no longer available. *Gasp!

For those who just cannot believe that this would ever happen, believe it. Remember, we are not paying for the majority of these social networks, at least not directly, so it is possible for things to happen.

Some of the features include being able to save your status update, profile, comments, and Likes. As well as your own album photos, wall photos, and tagged photos and don’t forget Check Ins. There are a lot more because it is not just centered around Facebook, but many other social networks including the latest craze of Instagram. The packages start currently at $2.99 per year, which is not a bad price to save all of our updates – from drunk tweets to bad pictures. But seriously, for those of us “in the business” it would be important to make sure that our clients’ information is safe and sound.

Since some of us are visual creatures, I found this video of a guy sharing his finds on the website and you know its not complete without the sexy sophistication of an English accent.

Are you getting an account? Do you already have one? Share your thoughts on why you decided to join the Social Safe family.

Strike A Pose

I found this social medium over a year ago and way before the Pinterest craze. DailyBooth captures your life in the spot, or on the go, if you’re mobile a.k.a. photoblogging. The slogan for DailyBooth is “Your life in pictures.”

The objective is to capture you or what you’re doing in that moment and to have a day to day or minute to minute update. The newsfeed is constantly updating in pictures of weird face, hair, tattoos, and other poses of us as we seem stuck in front of the computer or other digital device.

The user base is geared towards teens, but I’ve seen some adults (hello, me) on there.

How the hell can I use something like this?

  • Snapping pictures of ourselves is a fun thing
  • Keep up with what outfits you had on and what state of mind you were in when you took the picture or great for if you’re losing weight to serve as a constant reminder of where you do not want to return

For business…

  • If your market is teens then this is another place you want to be
  • Gear daily photos with your model or yourself in your product(s) or interacting with your product(s)
  • Don’t forget that the U.S. is not the only place this photoblogging site is popular. Other countries love it too and might just like your product
  • A business with the lazer targeted market of teens and the exact message could win the hearts of the youngsters updating their facial expresssions every few minutes

F.Y.I. Since its inception funneled by angel investors in 2009 there has been a decline in usage. Of course, at first many were flocking to the site, but now its slowed down due to the likes of Pinterest. But its still around with a few million using it daily.